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The album "Two Ceramic Lions" is the second album from The Invisible Sundial.

Please for the full album in mp3 format, tucked away in a ZIP file with a PDF with liner notes.

1.  hotshot debutante
2.  revenge of the h train
3.  welcome to the tundra
4.  etheric circuitry
5.  pants funk
6.  an exercise in being effable
7.  free samantha west
8.  and the plea was muted by darkness

all songs written and performed by austin amberg
davin payne drums on track 3 and 6
john berge drones on track 1
johndavid kagawa bass on track 7
kevin kittrell bass on track 1, 3, 4
kevin m. kirker harp on tracks 2 and 5 guitar on track 3
rachel bush as samantha west on track 7
the chant crew on track 4 is john berge, brittany drinkwater, cyrus soliman, davin payne, jessica stewart,johndavid kagawa, julian simpson, matt jackson, michael alexander greenhut, rachel bush and yuka okada
new york subway sounds provided by sesma and matthew so
cover painting by rachel bush
engineered by denny rowly

extra special thanks to you!