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May 19, 2022

–==▒▓▓ STREAM UPDATE ▓▓▒==-


(belated) MAYDAY stream

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–==▒▓▓ The Month’s Song ▓▓▒==-

Ok, down to business. Thanks for waiting. I know this is a little late but I’ve been doing other things! Patreon is active. Working on perfecting the perks right now. FOLLOW is totally an option even though Patreon tries to make you think it isn’t. I’m going to post the songs from previous letters because I know some people missed them. We’re working it out here!

I also want to thank everyone who has left suggestions on things to do for the next stream. We see you, we hear you. Get ready! If you want to leave a suggestion, drop on by the patreon or reply to this email. We’ll figure it out! Also, if you’re reading this on patreon just pretend like it is reasonable for it to be here.


–==▒▓▓ The Month’s Song ▓▓▒==-

I’ve resisted the urge to go “drone mode” with cellitar for a long time. The systems used to teach music here in America are pretty xenophobic (as is the culture around being a music brained person) and I’m trying to embrace other perspectives. I just want to do what I can to not participate in the crueler parts of the system.

I love chords and harmony but I also feel in love with music theory concepts through modes. Modes are kind of like scales within scales with very pronounced sounds. The interplay with chords can be important but at the core of it, give me a drone underneath and a great mode and I’ll be good to go! One chord vamp me into the night.

So I’ll say I know VERY little about Raag / Raga at this time but I’ve wanted to learn more about this music so I got an app that lets you select a Raag and gives you an appropriate backing track. I feel weird talking about this music because I know so little about it but I hope to learn more over the coming months. There is something very therapeutic about playing along to these tracks. My understanding is that Carnatic music is mainly vocal but it seems to be the best word I’ve found for what this style of music is.

The raga is called “Yaman Kalyan” and I’m not sure how accurately I played it. There is a complexity I haven’t quite unlocked so I would say at the very best it is probably an approximation. I listened to some songs that use it. I’d recommend “Kaatril Varum Geetham” from the film Oru Naal Oru Kanavu. There is a portion of the raga that has a string of notes that is some REAL good stuff. Wish I could speak to it with more clarity but I truly am a neophyte in this domain.

Anyway, playing Cellitar again and learning about the raga system. Let’s gooooo!

–==▒▓▓ LIVE MUSIC IRL ▓▓▒==-

I saw some live music this past month. I sure did miss live music. Saw two bands this past month. Went outside for the first time in a while. Shout to the people in my life telling me to go outside (Rachel and JohnDavid and John, for instance) I almost forgot to!

1st show
SESONEON – great band. inside, mostly masked. I did feel a bit of terror when I stepped into the room. Haven’t been around that many people in a long time. It is strange how it only took 2 years to forget what it is like to be around people.
2nd show
SUNGAZER – musician and guy who makes videos sometimes Adam Neely’s fusion(?) band. Inside, a little scary, but life goes on. It was great watching a group of great musicians with a great system. The looks, the gestures. A lovely thing to see.
When I was younger I loved going to shows, one of my favorite bands to see was The Locust. RIP Gabe Serbian. Incredible drummer.

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