2020 Updates

January 14, 2022

It has been a little bit too long. My plan is to start posting at least once a month on here because there is always something to say, right? Maybe, maybe not.

1,000 tapes – I mentioned before I am working with the organization GANG-FIGHT on an audio game. I’ve had some revelations about the process that will help me get over the current hump. Essentially I’m going more abstract VS more narrative focused. It is Not quite album 4 or is it? I don’t know.

Album #4 ? My thoughts on album 4 at the start of the pandemic are much different than they were before. I have 5 different folders for “album 4” and I guess whichever one I decide is done first will be the 4th album. Who knows!

these are the folders

Yes, the 4 CYOA Album is 1000 tapes and yes, I updated to windows 11 recently (So far, so good) We’ve got an album with vocals, we’ve got an album with jams, we’ve got an album that is similar to the other stuff and we’ve got the phillip glass album I mentioned before! WHO WILL WIN?


note to self: put stuff together already

Streams I am gonna be streaming music soon. It has been almost 2 years since the last music stream, which is just too long. The pandemic has been hard on the brain and the soul but you know what? Let’s do it. I think it is time to listen to my inner Tyler Durden and let go. The Dust Brothers sure did a great job scoring that movie. This part of the score is so tight. Why didn’t they do more movies? What’s up, The Dust Brothers? E-mail me (you can find that at the end of this) Subscribe to twitch or check the calendar. If you missed the event, the calendar will have a link to the video for you.

A secret project about being part of the internet elite – I can’t talk about that right now but if you know, you know.

new degrassi – we will not be in the new degrassi. at least not season 1. at least at the time of writing this.

Please stop hurting me Somehow in 2017 I decided to write some short songs and put them out but instead of finishing it, I’m taking forever! The irony! Did some demos with my friend Parker Kelly but I think we’re gonna do something more real. You can hear a little clip in the podcast we did together (previous post)

Merch – Oh yeah, Merch is coming soon. A wonderful artist who we call Josue Cruz crafted an incredible piece that I can’t wait to show you. I will give more details once the merch is ready to go. More to come! Check this space… OR…

OVERALL *MOST IMPORTANT PART* I want to stay connected like it’s the 90s so if you don’t use RSS (link), you can subscribe to our mailing list by sending an email to “news at theinvisiblesundial dot com” asking to be added to the list. I’ll send out updates periodically, shooting for monthly. You’ll know about posts like this and the more thought out posts. I won’t send more than monthly and I’ll try to not waste your time. Try.
If you are already a patron on patreon or already on our bandcamp mailing list, you’re good. I’ll port it over. You won’t miss out on anything and also thank you!

Am I forgetting something? Maybe. I have 2 blog posts I am working on but sometimes you gotta do the on the fly things while you do the longer things so people know you’re still doing anything. My friend Buff is always trying to instill this in me, and I appreciate it. Keep lighting the world on fire, Buff.

Wow, a lot of names in this post. Special shout out to my wife for listening to me do this kind of post but in real life while we are eating lunch together. I really appreciate it! To the other people out there, you are very nice to me if you are reading this. Shout out to everyone out there. Anyway, I want you to know all that, dear leader! Er, Dear Reader. Didn’t proofread or think that much about this so im sorry. A note for you.


did you know the dust brothers produced mmmbop? just found that out.
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