is it february somewhere?

February 2, 2022

Update 1: I have a Fretless Bass now. It isn’t quite the same as the Cellitar, which also does not have frets, so it’ll take a bit of practice to feel like I’m any good at it but I am already having a lot of fun with it. If you don’t know, fretless instruments don’t have metal strips on the neck that define what note it is.

Update 2, On Streams – Well, hey. March 6th at 7 PST! March you calendars. Even if it is just me streaming nonsense, let’s get out there. It is time to start back up again. You don’t mind if I just fiddle around doing nonsense, right? I mean, that’s basically what I’m doing here and you’re here for that. I’ll let you know more about it when it gets closer.

I’ve been working on some visual effects I’d like to incorporate. Here is a sample of something I put together: Here Is The Link We’ll see!

Update 3, Yeah. I’m thinking about stuff. One thing about being a composer over being a “guitarist” is that you don’t make a single thing and call it done. I’ve been working on textured parts to would-be songs without the songs written first. I thought maybe I could share some but it is so underdeveloped it feels kind of silly. Who wants to hear some chopped up voices?? Earlier this week, while eating some lunch time pasta as I sit in my wife’s big wicker egg chair, I was watching “days of our lives” and a villainess said “wasn’t it Euripides who said ‘cleverness is not wisdom'”. I don’t really know anything about Euripides but it reminded me about this thing that happened to me once.

When I was in high school, I was eating pasta at a friend’s house and the concept of internet for all came up. I learned how to use a pepper mill properly during this dinner. Over the course of the meal, I said that I thought internet should be free for everyone and their dad said something along the lines of “who will do the jobs to keep the internet running if it is free?”.

My high school brain was not ready to respond to this. Flooded with fear, I couldn’t even come up with “I mean, who pays the cops?”. The kid who thought being revolutionary was writing the word COMMUNISM on show flyers could not possible go toe to toe with someone who had amazing expertise on the subject.

I don’t really know how informed he was but he was clever enough to stump me. However, being clever doesn’t mean he was right. This showdown was a big step forward for me. I probably thought more about government programs like “internet for all” because of his remark. I hope I’ve grown from this. I’ve only recently started thinking more about how being smart does not make you righteous and being dumb is not a moral failing. I would mostly like to

On a similar note, this doesn’t mean there isn’t value to spending time and practicing your craft but thinking that you’ll get good enough for people to want to throw money at you (shout out to the patreons) might not be the best way to go.

So I looked up Euripides and it said he is a “Tragedian”. What is that? A professional sad guy? A professional guy who has bad stuff happen to him? Who pays for that?

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