current status (as of 7/4/2023): ゚★・Working on Music・★゚

Welcome to the enchanting world of The Invisible Sundial, led by composer and multi-instrumentalist Austin Amberg. The Invisible Sundial collaborates with talented friends to craft diverse music, transcending genres and introducing a distinctive sound through innovative use of unconventional instruments and reimagined familiar sounds. Drawing inspiration from 70s progressive rock, 90s Shoegaze, and contemporary post-rock, The Invisible Sundial creates a boundary-defying sonic tapestry. This fusion incorporates elements of electronic music, infusing compositions with experimental flair.

At the heart of The Invisible Sundial's musical journey lies Austin Amberg, songwriter and creator of the Cellitar—a hybrid instrument combining expressive qualities of guitar and cello. Experience the magic as The Invisible Sundial's music takes you on a captivating sonic adventure, where traditional notions of genre are left behind and innovation reigns supreme. Immerse yourself in a world pushing the boundaries of musical exploration, discovering a sound reminiscent of your favorite moments in a serene forest or melancholic walks along the somber shores of the sea.
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    –==▒▓▓ The Sundial News ▓▓▒==-

    Dusting off the old blogging muscles to say hello. I almost went a year without saying anything, and that is kind of silly because plenty has happened in that year. Shout out to 2020!

    Thanks to everyone who joined our live streams last year. It was a ton of fun! Some of you might have caught the experimental streams we tried out. They were a blast, but we found the logistics a bit too difficult. However, we're always thinking about ways to continue doing music in a live setting. Lots of fun! I'm also learning more about video synthesis and want to incorporate that into future live music endeavors (and maybe even non-live music endeavors).

    JohnDavid and I wrote 2 songs together and released them in September of last year. The band is called Mall Gregory. Give them a spin on your favorite streaming platform or experience them fully on our lovingly crafted website.

    Currently, I'm working on scoring for a Dungeons & Dragons podcast. I really enjoy tabletop games as a means to tell stories. The collaborative nature is so exciting, and I'm thrilled to be a part of this project. I'll share more details as the project nears a public state.

    I have decided to stop asking for money online via Patreon. I appreciate everyone who supported me by sending money my way, and I hope you enjoyed it. It just felt a bit too money-oriented for my tastes. While it's great to make money with your art, it isn't what I want out of being a musician. I think about the "aspiring musician" label. I'm not aspiring to do it; I'm doing it. Success, to me as a musician, means creating music. I'll let money complicate other aspects of my life.

    Anyway, I hope everyone is doing well, and I look forward to delivering you some new tunes in the near future. I have finally figured out what I want album 4 of The Invisible Sundial to be like. There are a few ways I could spin it. I'm always torn between my two creative impulses—one side is electronic, and the other is less electronic. I've settled on doing something that starts from a more delicate point than my previous works, but don't worry, it'll still go hard on occasion. I initially thought it would be the next trilogy, but to be honest, I think it's more like twins in a buggy.

    Apologies for not sharing this during Gemini season; that would've been more apt. Time is money (so they say). Thank you for taking the time to read this! Speaking of money, you can grab a new The Invisible Sundial shirt at the totally legal storefront we are partnering with. Get a cool shirt for the next show! Hhere in America the sky has started exploding, so I had better head out. Until next time!

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