• ☀️summer reservations (7/20/2022)
    –==▒▓▓ The Sundial News ▓▓▒==-

    NEXT STREAM JULY 24th. 360 Degrees of Summer. We are going to be doing something special, pending all things go well! This one will only be on Youtube because we are planning on doing VR and Immersive stuff that isn’t supported elsewhere, assuming it all goes as planned!

    July 24th, 7 PST, see you there. Looking forward to rock and rolling with you into the summer.

    This link below will always lead you to the most current livestream we are doing on youtube. Bookmark it if you’d like. Subscribing to the channel will also help keep you in the know, if you’re into that kind of thing.


    In addition to messing with 360 video, I’ve been getting into some new video related stuff that’s pretty fun. Learning more and more about reactive effects. I am not great at visual stuff but creating visualizations out of modules makes it a bit easier for me because it is more like programming a synth than drawing a picture.

    I am also working on SONG SONGS, revamping old stuff, revising jams from the streams to make them more real, that kind of thing. It is a fun process and I am excited to write more/show more/and so on. I really like making music on the fly with The Boys and I’ve been bouncing ideas off of JD on the internet and it is a good time. Wrote some lyrics even. Let’s goooooooooo.

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