sup dialers

April 11, 2021

Nice to see you! Welcome to the new website! It has been awhile since I’ve said anything mostly because the pandemic has been, well, you probably know how it has been. Just wanted to check in and see how all of The Visitors of this website are doing. Hey, how are you? I’ve been re-reading Animorphs (I’m on the first Megamorph, really enjoying them) and I’ve been putting together a workflow for Twitch streams again. I’d like to ask all of The Visitors of this site to respond to this poll:

A poll about twitch stream content

Going back to my sequencing roots and having fun flipping samples of my own music playing, the first few streams on this new round will be solo. As things get more normal, like Summer time you’ll start to see LIVE DRUMS (AND MORE)

As usual, streams will be on our twitch in the near future. Be sure to follow and turn notifications on to get alerted to that activity.

here is a little sneak peak as to what the stream layout is gonna look like:
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